Saturday, November 6, 2010

oh the days go by.....

Thats right, the days are rolling into one, up early, lots of working, lots of living.. I have been in land of the living and spending time with my two favourite girls.. while they have been sleeping I have been working on a project that seems to have been handed to me by the gods... whatever gods you follow..:) Its very much a little lana orientated and details will be released soon.
Personally my dear husband is off to Can Cun ~Mexico for a "conference" (cough, splutter "yeah right") Supposedly he has to fly ALL the way there. Work for TWO hours a day (how terrible) then hang out on the beach, drink and relax the other 22 hrs.. Poor thing.. Then fly ALL the way home..
No, not bitter at all, ill stay home, wake to calling at 6.00am, feed, entertain and clean them all day. finish the shift at 8.30 and the maybe feed myself and have a wine.. for ten days straight.. YEY. So "happy the next ten days to you"... send your thoughts to me.. i feel a cold coming on of course... right on time..

xx live. laugh, love... drink wine.. LOL

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Green MO

SO here is the link to my green MO and its first post. Oh i am so tired. I have so much information to write and blog about but not enough time in the day. Oh well.
JOIN the green mo co tell your friends and spread the love.



Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Green Mo Co.

SO whats a GREEN MO you ask? It is this.

A green moustache.

The type that is left on the top of my baby girls lips as they sip away at some fruit and veggie smoothies packed with super duper green nutrients from the green veggies like spinach and cucumber that was whizzed to a liquid and served in a glass.

Its a concept. Drink Your Greens.

My two year old isn't going to sit down and eat a whole bowl of salad full of spinach, watercress and lettuce. Firstly, she doesn't have the ability to chew it to the point it needs to to release the nutrients it contains, secon
dly, she is two she cant sit still for one minute let alone the 20 or so she would need to eat it all. Thirdly, she doesn't like it, she doesn't want it. Sure she might pick up a leaf here and there and eat it but not enough to do the job I need it to. BUT she had it all today. it tasted like a banana & pear smoothie and was finished and the glass was licked clean. Did your child have all the "leafy greens" that everyone suggests they should be having? Did they eat all their veggies? Did you grate zucchini into your spaghetti sauce and then cook all the nutrients out of it?Were you deceptively delicious??

Its a symbol of raw food & the power it has to heal and protect the body.

Like I said in my wellness warrior post. I am bursting my own bubble. So what does that mean? Literally, I s
tarted searching for things that I would do AS IF I had cancer. Sounds morbid I know. But what I found was amazing. There is a whole movement of people that have rejected conventional medicine and have kept themselves alive. Given a time frame and have laughed in its face. Not just a couple of them... A whole world of them! What did they do?... A lot went to a raw food diet. A lot cut out meat and dairy and all the foods that many believe we SHOULD NOT BE EATING. I will let you know in time and as I learn. But they changed their life so drastically because that IS WHAT MADE THEM SICK. They also rejected a lot of conventional medicine. What we are doing today is what they WERE doing. So I am going to do it now. I want to do what they are doing. I am not going to wait for the push into it when a doctor tells me I'm dying. Why should I?

It is a revolution. It is a normal person like you taking control & choosing their life & their families life.

t will start with an image. Then a blog. Then who knows... In the coming weeks I will set up a new blog for this venture where I will show you in words, pictures and videos how to incorporate green smoothie goodness into your kids lives, and your own. As well as smoothies, we will look at raw foods, soups, and super foods that we hear about but don't know what to do with. I will find it and do it and show you it. Up to you what you then do with it? I completely and utterly disagree with the diet that children have at the moment. There is not one thing in a food court or in a restaurant kids menu that I want my kids to have. Nuggets, Pizza, Battered Fish, Sausages...all with chips? No thank you. Lets get educated, lets educate our kids.

Its my version of McDonald's arches. I want my kids to be addicted to THIS!

McDonald's is not food. Just by the way.

So I will be
separating The Green Mo Co. and this blog due to my possible need to post on the strange UFO sightings that have been seen lately, which relates just to me and not to the Nazi food side of me. HEHEHE

Grow a Green Mo

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Green Revolution

There is a green revolution in the world and I want to share it with everyone. Details will come. Green is good. Even though it was the one colour I hated as a child. It is all that I think about at the moment.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Secret Garden

In my quest for health we are moving towards growing as much food ourselves as possible. I read a disturbing article today that detailed how investigations have been done in the USA into what is being sold in the local farmers markets. Surprisingly (or maybe not as it is the states) not all the food are actually being grown on the "farms" that the sellers are claiming. Some investigative journalism was done and some "farmers" stopped off at the wholesale veggie supply company before parking their wares at the local farmers market to flog off the commercial product as home grown. Some suprise visits to farms showed empty dry plots that claimed that the brocolli that you bought yesterday was grown there. As well as that, tests were done on produce that was sold as "pesticide free" and unfortunately this was not the case. NOW, in no way am I suggesting that this is happening at your farmers market here in Australia, BUT when did you last do a check on where the farms are that you are buying from and have you ever asked them what type of weed and pest control measures they use? Because I haven't as I trust pretty much everyone right away until something tweaks me in the other direction. If you know of the farm and their farming methods then WELL DONE because I haven't gotten that far yet but intend to do so. I do know that our berry picking farm that we go to has previously used chemical sprays as the owner was very defensive and non committal in his responses and could only say that they haven't been sprayed in a "while" as I watch my two year old pick her 100th juicy berry of the plant and pop it straight into her mouth... hmmmmm

So anyway! Now we have moved to attempting to grow our veggies at home. We currently have starting to grow Tomato, Lettuce, Carrot, Broccoli, Capsicum, Cucumber & Strawberries as well as herbs like parsley,basil and mint. You have all been privy to my delightful garden bed previously. It is looking a bit better now. I'm not not sure if the shoots are the veggies or the regeneration of weeds so will leave them there until I can tell! As well as that we have some potted veggies and hanging strawberries on the deck. This is great if you are renting as you dont need much space or any land.

ALSO, I have scored a plot at the community garden in the town next to us. It is a magical place and I want each of you to do a little search for your closest Community Garden. Who knows what you will find. To me it reminds me of the book The Secret Garden. One of my favourite. and now at 28 I finally found it. Its sitting on the side of a road in all its glory and I have never seen it before. It has a wrought iron mermaid guarding it and I have been given the security pin to grab the keys and go into this heaven whenever I want. Completely enclosed it houses about 50 assorted veggie plots seperated by large stones and over flowing with the most divine veggies I have ever seen. Rhubarb is bursting out of the ground and huge heads of cauliflower and broccoli are everywhere. My two kids and I spent almost 2 hours walking around the garden checking out what everyone was growing. Daughter number 1 ran around calling out to me all the veggies she could find while eyeing off the scarecrow that had a stuffed puppy dog as a head, yes it freaked me out a bit too. Hidden at the back of the garden is a children's sand pit made with old fallen trees and there are tables and chairs made from recycled materials for you to sit and enjoy the sun. Childrens toys and mini cars are there to use so Daughter 1 drove around pretending to "shop for food".The chicken clucks away in his house right next to you and a big classroom sits there for you to use as well. Daughter number 1 really felt like dirtgirl when we found the worm farms with worm juice available at our leisure. Yummy. LOL

Our plot is full of some gorgeous broad bean plants at the moment so we can only plan what we want to put in there but it is just a fantastic idea and I urge all of you to investigate where your closest garden is and whether you can just visit or get a plot and join other like minded families and teach your kids new skills and new ideas along the way. Not only is it fun for the family. You get the reward of learning new things, being outside and soaking up some Vit D and your food is chemical and pesticide free and lovingly cared for by you. What more can you ask for.

Live. Laugh.Love. xx

Monday, September 20, 2010

So Busy. 10 things this week.

So what is this wellness warrior up to since my last post?

1. Found a Yoga course in the town. Start Oct 6
2. Found a kinesiologist & have had an essence prescribed. 3 times a day 3 drops.
3. Started some more naturopathy subjects
4. Opened "The Tibetan book of living and dying" for the first time in a few years.
5. Went and stood on the grass barefoot every day to connect with the earth
6. Turned the TV off during the day and put blues & roots music on and lit candles during the day because we can.
7. Spent more time on the floor (with kids) than at the computer.
8. Green Smoothie for breakfast everyday
9. Teaching my daughter to breathe in and breathe out when she gets upset.
10. Reading reading reading- Diet for a poisoned planet, slow death by rubber duck, tibetan book of living and dying, animal vegetable miracle, healing with whole foods.. and so much more...

Live, Laugh Love~Lana

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wellness Warrior. Be warned...random thought post.

The last two weeks I have done a lot of thinking. What am I doing. Where am I going. I have so many things happening in my life am I on the right track?

A very little bit about me right now, I am 28, a mother of two, always on the go, learning, planning, starting, I have ideas coming out everywhere, new concepts, businesses, ideas. I have a small home business Aromaplay an all natural children's aromatherapy play dough that I make for gluten free kids, I run a small facebook page called "the intolerant toddler" that supports parents with children with intolerance's. I have plans (on hold for now) for that to grow into a community group that supports an all natural life for children. We just moved, we are considering selling a house & making a permanet change. You know, living life.....

For some reason, I'm having a mind shift. Maybe the universe is lining up in ways that I don't know, but maybe I'm seeing more and learning more from those around me. I don't know.. do you ever know what you are supposed to do with your life. I know one thing. I think too much about what I WANT to do or WANT to happen and I live my life in the "thoughts" of the future. So I am "checking in" with myself tonight. (when have you last done that)

6 months ago, a year ago, 3 years ago, I must have "lived" in my future thoughts then... so am I AT those places now? Did I ever GET to where I wanted to go? I'm not saying I haven't reached any goals or gone ahead with dreams. I have, the universe made some if not all of them come to fruition. Now that I think about it... However now that I am here I have traded in those thoughts and am now living in the future again, is that just life.? When was I going to stop to ENJOY that I got there... was I ever going to? Why not? Are we losing contact with the today, are we so FAST paced and Technology fuelled that we need to always be stimulated to feel we are "reaching" or "working" on what we want in the future. So when I'm at deaths door, where will my thoughts be then, is that when I look back and wish I had stopped for a moment and just grounded myself?

To be grounded... in the moment, present.How do we get that? What facebook page can I link to, blog can I read, online community group can I join to GET that... See what I mean?

I have realised lately, I'm the only one that can get that, and its all free, no one can give it to me, only I will know when I get it, and only I can DO it. I need to read the books and then LIVE them. I have read and learned about Buddhist teachings for years... but once I close the book I am not LIVING them and that is something that I want to do.
Its not ALL bad, i have learnt and applied a LOT of what I have learned in nutrition to the family and it is one of the things that I am proud of.. and in other ways it has begun, the bath toys being thrown out. I DID that, and I FEEL good about it.. Everyday at bath time I feel good about it. Now keep going... KEEP DOING.

So what does this mean for me. & where has this come from? I don't know, I just feel like getting it out "on paper right now" :) However

I have two family members right now fighting for their lives. From disease, not from any accident or incident. They are inspiring me... I want to know more to help them.. From what they say and what they are doing even though I am not with them I have realised that LIFE is all they care about. Not about making plans. Life right now. like RIGHT NOW,breathing in and breathing out. and then doing it again, and again. Nothing other than that is important to them. They just want to be alive. I'm alive and I thought I appreciated it.. but now I realise I don't appreciate it ENOUGH not in MY books.I KNOW a lot, I talk about it a lot.. I just dont DO enough...

I have had cancer knocking at my door and I'm only 28. It knocked, I said "no thanks, not right now" and it left and i forgot about it... HOW LUCKY AM I.. really I'm so lucky, CINIII High Grade cell changes in my cervix that had to be removed. It scared me. And it was a major reason that I started my journey into natural health and medicine then... and then I forgot about got in the way..

Today, the world is so easy to just hand you anything on a plate, you don't need to know how to cook, you can pick anything you ever want off a shelf no matter what it is.., you don't actually have to make or do anything for yourself anymore so it takes an event, an illness, a mind shift to make you make life more difficult for yourself.

So are most of us living in a bubble and until that bubble bursts for you then you are awakened and you learn, and you soak in all the knowledge that applies to you and your life that you just weren't aware of, you never tapped into it and it never presented itself to you because you never thought you needed it? (law of attraction?) and then you change?

Well that is the message that I seem to be getting every where. I'm inspired by so many amazing people at the moment and they all have a story. (I will write about them in the future) A child born with a disease,, A personal diagnosis of cancer, or another terminal illness, something that popped their bubble. I didn't have cancer (just), I haven't lost a family member yet, my children are happy and healthy (well they are now) I have lived a great life (with ups and downs along the way of course) but nothing that ROCKED my world so now I'M going to pop my own bubble. I don't want something horrible to happen for me to find the RIGHT life for me. I'm going to start fighting right now, I'm going to fight the world (in a nice way of course) now as it seems everything is out to get us.. Everything that WE HUMANS have made is out to get us..... and it is getting us. Its winning, We are sicker, our kids are sicker, our houses are sicker, our food is sick, our air, water, trees, products, minds, thoughts, everything... just sitting here and working on the computer using wireless Internet is making me sick....

Lana- new occupation name, WELLNESS WARRIOR

Oh how overwhelming it can all be.
So there we go.
There goes my bubble. I am now a warrior. Its up to me to make my life well, my kids life well, my husband, my mum, my dad, and everyone that is touched by me or comes in my life, I want to teach them a new way, a new thought, a new life. a better life, a well life. So I will live my life out on here, and maybe you might learn something a long the way. I wont always get it right and I might go off track sometimes but I will try, that is all I can ask of myself.

To start with my whole family, kids, husband and I will be having a heavy metal/toxicity test. This will be our new START moment, and then I will continue to learn, research, read and do what I do now so we can change what we find. I will explore everything that I come across that interests me. I will reduce the "noise" of my life to what I want to see & hear and do. I don't care if ANYONE reads these posts. I don't mind if you don't "like" my page on facebook. it really doesn't matter to me anymore. Its nice of course but its not something that I want to focus on anymore. I just want to enjoy my family, friends and other inspired people that want to live the right life for them, what ever it is.


MASSIVE facebook cut down. My page is filled with product updates, sales, liking requests, business stuff.. to be honest, no offence, I love shopping, but it not important to me anymore, in the moment when I open my facebook page I want to see my friends again, I want to share their highs and their lows, I want to see things that interest me, and that might be good for my family, new research on food as medicine, inspiring stories of life and living, inspiring people and maybe the occasional handmade loveliness that is looking for a new home, :) So the "hide" button is going to get a work out.

Then... on to Real life..

Live.Laugh,Love~ Lana

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spring is in the Air

SO spring is here. Well, not quite here in my neck of the woods, we have had rain and clouds mainly and I am forever staring out the window waiting for that "change" ....the moment that the "cold" is missing from the air out there and I can head on out and get my fingers dirty.From the window I can see the cucumbers ready to be harvested. The tomato's ripe on the vine, almost bursting with juices. The beans have crawled their way up the lattice and have a slight dew on them making them so tempting to just eat right there off the plant. Ahh the joys....
Hold on...WAIT....... no, sorry I nodded off for a little while there.. THAT is the garden that I have when I picture myself as Mrs Jamie Oliver. Not that I do that often, no, not at all...

HERE is the beauty that I have to work with...

An over flowing, needed to be weeded, unloved spot in the far away section on the garden.... isn't she lovely.

So yes, I am waiting for the day that my pink gloves and I can go out and tackle that mess of a veggie patch. I have the list of veggies & fruit that i am leaning towards. Beans, Broccoli, capsicum, cucumber, watermelon and strawberries are topping the list so far. My herb pot seems to be happy, I may add to the culinary herb pot, some oregano and sage might be joining Mr parsley, coriander and basil.

As we are renting to "test" the lifestyle here by the beach my grand plans to copy Jamie's garden above have been put on hold for now. Also I may need to figure out which child I will need to sell to employ a full time gardener to do it all for me... that will be a hard decision.
HOWEVER i have just learnt of something new and fantastic sounding that I want to introduce you. It does reduce the manliness of the husbands efforts a little. but let me explain!

The magic word is AQUAPONICS. Translation: Grow fish and veggies in your back yard. together. Its an amazing system that can be set up outside, even in a court yard or small garden if you are tight on room. There is a tank for growing the fish and grow beds to grow the veggies. A pump is involved somewhere (dont ask me where) and this allows the water to be pumped including the ammonia generated from the fish poo up to the grow beds where it is converted to nitrates for the veggies and then the water is filtered clean back down to the fish. no cleaning needed...WOW. You can grow Barramundi, silver pearch, Murray cod, and some are even farming claw and cray fish. Its a perfect system. Pictured here is a larger terrace version available from here they even offer finance for this kit. The section at the front houses the fish, here it is shown with a kid safe cover but there are a few different styles to suit you and your house.
So maybe this current renter will be able to have ALL her veggies after all. You would still need to plant your root veggies in the ground but I love this idea and cant wait to learn more about it. You can kinda see how the manliness of "I'm going to go catch you some dinner honey" takes on a new meaning when you are literally "shooting fish in a barrell" Also, I wouldn't be naming the little buggers either as that may cause a problem when "spotty" goes "missing" and the 3 yr old notices it.

Here are some links to learn more about this here in Australia. Check out the forums there are some amazing set ups and also some mega super fruit and veg being grown out there. I think its awesome that there are so many families taking control and growing their own food. This system is chemical & pesticide free. So makes it even more fantastic in my book.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Throwing the baby out with the bath water...

OK, not the baby! (Not today anyway) Just everything else that goes into the bath in this house.

Firstly, you must understand that bath time here is A BIG DEAL. As soon as (if not before) dinner is done shouts of "BWATH TIME" ring out from the high chairs. Miss S jumps from her chair and races down the hall... If the bath isn't pre run and is there in all its bubbly glory then I am in trouble. "BWATH NOT WWEEADY!!!" Cue me to shovel as much food into Miss E and go and run the bath as quickly as possible. Miss E is mid air crawling before she hits the ground and takes off at breakneck speed (often face planting) to get to the bathroom and get a bubbling.
So it begins. Miss S throws each and every bath toy we own in the bath one by one and the next half hour is a screaming,splashing, laughing, taste of heaven to my two water babies. Generally each of them have a toy hanging from their mouths as they playfully drown each other and pretend to be "mermaid princesses".

Here lies my dilemma... I have become enlightened to the truth about plastic and have begun to reduce the chemical load in my children by creating a safer (and yes, less colourful) life. SO mummy has THROWN OUT ALL THE BATH TOYS.

Here is the serious stuff behind my drastic life altering decision. Many bath toys are made with phthalates, a class of chemicals that are used to plasticize toys. Although there is apparently no acute threat by phthalates, they have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, kidney and liver damage and asthma. Bisphenol-A, another hormone-disrupting chemical, is also found in plastic toys. As we all would be familiar with in baby bottles. Here is Australia we are one of the last countries to phase out the sale of baby bottles that still contain BPA. Because these chemicals remain freely mobile in plastic, phthalates are ingestible and leachable so as my darling daughters are having a gnaw on the cute little water squeezy crab, they are ingesting these mean little chemicals.This has led some experts to recommend using no vinyl at all in the bath. So BYE BYE bad toys.

HELLO ... ummm hello.... boring bath with no toys??? UH OH. Mummy is now running around in a panic with nothing for these bath obsessed kids to play with...I am so worried about the look in Miss S's face when she runs into the bathroom after dinner to find... nothing. It would break my heart. So TA DAAAA (see pic). The only things I could find in the house that were suitable to put in the bath. Yes, they were dissapointed, but who doesnt like to cook in the bath? "Look honey! THIS wooden block can be a carrot and THIS one can be a potato and then we can put them in the bowl and stir it... " She looks at me like i am some sort of alien.. so last resort..... I overload on the bubbles and the screams and shouts and laughs returned much to my relief.

Now on my list.... some FUN, COLOUR FULL and EXCITING toys that are safe and not silently killing my children. These gorgeous BOON toys have made the list. And Im pretty sure the "cooking" set is here to stay as well. Happy safe bathing my girls. xox (dont hate me when your older)

Good Afternoon World

So here it is... My online life. A bit of me.... I have always wanted to "blog" I like to write a lot of crap and have filled countless diaries with my dribble so why not throw my dribble up here on the www too? About me? I'm 28 have 2 baby girls Miss S and Miss E. Live by the beach on the stunning VIC coast and I am married to a fabulous man (so he tells me).

I have self
diagnosed myself as having Hyper-Creative Personality Disorder. I think this best describes me. My husband does too, I have about 85 business ideas a day. I am a stay at home mum with a few businesses who is ALWAYS busy, and when I'm not busy I'm busy making plans to be busy.

So my feelings towards this blog, I want to capture my world in photos and to share what I learn along the way. Not for anyones benefit but my own and also to record a past for my children and maybe amuse some people along the way (If anyone could be bothered reading it). Iam spending a lot of time on the computer already so this seems to be the best place for me to write.

I am passionate about health, nutrition, non toxic babies and life and trying to be "greener" and safer for my children. I hope to capture what I learn and put in place here on the blog and maybe inspire other mums to take control and educate and learn new things that will make their child's world a safer healthier place. I want to grow our own food, milk our own cow, collect eggs from our chickens and dance like no one is watching (ok, you can watch, its kinda hilarious). This is the long term plan (must let my husband in on that) and here I will try and capture how we go in working towards that life.

I am studying nutrition (part time/online) and hope to finish that in the next say... 20 years. Or at least when i have finished having my children and they are all off to school. So ok, I give myself 5-10 years. I am very interested in food intolerances and specialised diets for prevention of and to combat disease. This i hope to work in in the future.

I take lots of photos and have just started to play with photo editing and hope to improve my skills in that department as well. So watch out blog for some super awesome photos (I hope).Many will feature the stunning place that I get to call home.

I'd like to drive a pink Cadillac, wear flowing skirts, be tattooed and never wear shoes. BUT I wear shoes, drive a four wheel drive, don't have any tattoos and generally wear jeans. So here is to adding a bit of ME back into ME.