Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wellness Warrior. Be warned...random thought post.

The last two weeks I have done a lot of thinking. What am I doing. Where am I going. I have so many things happening in my life am I on the right track?

A very little bit about me right now, I am 28, a mother of two, always on the go, learning, planning, starting, I have ideas coming out everywhere, new concepts, businesses, ideas. I have a small home business Aromaplay an all natural children's aromatherapy play dough that I make for gluten free kids, I run a small facebook page called "the intolerant toddler" that supports parents with children with intolerance's. I have plans (on hold for now) for that to grow into a community group that supports an all natural life for children. We just moved, we are considering selling a house & making a permanet change. You know, living life.....

For some reason, I'm having a mind shift. Maybe the universe is lining up in ways that I don't know, but maybe I'm seeing more and learning more from those around me. I don't know.. do you ever know what you are supposed to do with your life. I know one thing. I think too much about what I WANT to do or WANT to happen and I live my life in the "thoughts" of the future. So I am "checking in" with myself tonight. (when have you last done that)

6 months ago, a year ago, 3 years ago, I must have "lived" in my future thoughts then... so am I AT those places now? Did I ever GET to where I wanted to go? I'm not saying I haven't reached any goals or gone ahead with dreams. I have, the universe made some if not all of them come to fruition. Now that I think about it... However now that I am here I have traded in those thoughts and am now living in the future again, is that just life.? When was I going to stop to ENJOY that I got there... was I ever going to? Why not? Are we losing contact with the today, are we so FAST paced and Technology fuelled that we need to always be stimulated to feel we are "reaching" or "working" on what we want in the future. So when I'm at deaths door, where will my thoughts be then, is that when I look back and wish I had stopped for a moment and just grounded myself?

To be grounded... in the moment, present.How do we get that? What facebook page can I link to, blog can I read, online community group can I join to GET that... See what I mean?

I have realised lately, I'm the only one that can get that, and its all free, no one can give it to me, only I will know when I get it, and only I can DO it. I need to read the books and then LIVE them. I have read and learned about Buddhist teachings for years... but once I close the book I am not LIVING them and that is something that I want to do.
Its not ALL bad, i have learnt and applied a LOT of what I have learned in nutrition to the family and it is one of the things that I am proud of.. and in other ways it has begun, the bath toys being thrown out. I DID that, and I FEEL good about it.. Everyday at bath time I feel good about it. Now keep going... KEEP DOING.

So what does this mean for me. & where has this come from? I don't know, I just feel like getting it out "on paper right now" :) However

I have two family members right now fighting for their lives. From disease, not from any accident or incident. They are inspiring me... I want to know more to help them.. From what they say and what they are doing even though I am not with them I have realised that LIFE is all they care about. Not about making plans. Life right now. like RIGHT NOW,breathing in and breathing out. and then doing it again, and again. Nothing other than that is important to them. They just want to be alive. I'm alive and I thought I appreciated it.. but now I realise I don't appreciate it ENOUGH not in MY books.I KNOW a lot, I talk about it a lot.. I just dont DO enough...

I have had cancer knocking at my door and I'm only 28. It knocked, I said "no thanks, not right now" and it left and i forgot about it... HOW LUCKY AM I.. really I'm so lucky, CINIII High Grade cell changes in my cervix that had to be removed. It scared me. And it was a major reason that I started my journey into natural health and medicine then... and then I forgot about got in the way..

Today, the world is so easy to just hand you anything on a plate, you don't need to know how to cook, you can pick anything you ever want off a shelf no matter what it is.., you don't actually have to make or do anything for yourself anymore so it takes an event, an illness, a mind shift to make you make life more difficult for yourself.

So are most of us living in a bubble and until that bubble bursts for you then you are awakened and you learn, and you soak in all the knowledge that applies to you and your life that you just weren't aware of, you never tapped into it and it never presented itself to you because you never thought you needed it? (law of attraction?) and then you change?

Well that is the message that I seem to be getting every where. I'm inspired by so many amazing people at the moment and they all have a story. (I will write about them in the future) A child born with a disease,, A personal diagnosis of cancer, or another terminal illness, something that popped their bubble. I didn't have cancer (just), I haven't lost a family member yet, my children are happy and healthy (well they are now) I have lived a great life (with ups and downs along the way of course) but nothing that ROCKED my world so now I'M going to pop my own bubble. I don't want something horrible to happen for me to find the RIGHT life for me. I'm going to start fighting right now, I'm going to fight the world (in a nice way of course) now as it seems everything is out to get us.. Everything that WE HUMANS have made is out to get us..... and it is getting us. Its winning, We are sicker, our kids are sicker, our houses are sicker, our food is sick, our air, water, trees, products, minds, thoughts, everything... just sitting here and working on the computer using wireless Internet is making me sick....

Lana- new occupation name, WELLNESS WARRIOR

Oh how overwhelming it can all be.
So there we go.
There goes my bubble. I am now a warrior. Its up to me to make my life well, my kids life well, my husband, my mum, my dad, and everyone that is touched by me or comes in my life, I want to teach them a new way, a new thought, a new life. a better life, a well life. So I will live my life out on here, and maybe you might learn something a long the way. I wont always get it right and I might go off track sometimes but I will try, that is all I can ask of myself.

To start with my whole family, kids, husband and I will be having a heavy metal/toxicity test. This will be our new START moment, and then I will continue to learn, research, read and do what I do now so we can change what we find. I will explore everything that I come across that interests me. I will reduce the "noise" of my life to what I want to see & hear and do. I don't care if ANYONE reads these posts. I don't mind if you don't "like" my page on facebook. it really doesn't matter to me anymore. Its nice of course but its not something that I want to focus on anymore. I just want to enjoy my family, friends and other inspired people that want to live the right life for them, what ever it is.


MASSIVE facebook cut down. My page is filled with product updates, sales, liking requests, business stuff.. to be honest, no offence, I love shopping, but it not important to me anymore, in the moment when I open my facebook page I want to see my friends again, I want to share their highs and their lows, I want to see things that interest me, and that might be good for my family, new research on food as medicine, inspiring stories of life and living, inspiring people and maybe the occasional handmade loveliness that is looking for a new home, :) So the "hide" button is going to get a work out.

Then... on to Real life..

Live.Laugh,Love~ Lana


  1. What an absolutely wonderFULL post to read on a Saturday night whilst reducing the number of people I folow on twitter, replying to emails and pondering if it is all a good use of my time.

    Thank you very much for sharing this post on the Sunny Mummy page. I love everything you have shared here, am glad Sunny Mummy will stay in your world and I will be watching the Wellness Warrior with interest!

    Really really fantastic post Lana....THIS is what it is all about, we could all do with bursting our own bubble!

  2. I loved reading this! And it has made me a little proud to say, after reading you saying our food is making us sick, my Husband, who is an Agronomist (plant/soil nutritionist) totally agree's, and has taken a stand, by changing career paths and is now consulting to a 'top of the league' group of farmers, where they use less chemicals, embrace what mother nature has given them and only using harsh chemicals when it totally necessary! Hopefully one day soon the entire country will get on board with us and we can eat healthy again!

  3. that is SO fantastic inspirational! GO your husband! i love it. :)

  4. Truly inspirational thinking Lana and a message worth reading. I find myself asking all the same questions. My family and I are about to have a seachange where we have more control in our lives away from the treadmills of life!
    Looking forward to reading more!

  5. What a fantastic post (and I love the IT page too!) you verbalised what many mums are trying too work towards. It's amazing to see the warrior come out in people. Excellent - can't wait to keep reading!
    (The comment from your dad is sweet!)

  6. Love this Lana. You know, I've had a similar thought recently. It went something like this:

    Having it all by giving it all away.

    What do you think? Sounds like a book title. I'm giving more thought about that line and I hope to write a post about it... soon... soonish.

    And I dream of living on an Island, with my family, and just ... well, living... you know what I mean. Not existing, not surviving... but living.

  7. And I'd love to have you on my blog roll... I didn't even know you had a blog!

  8. Hi! Love you too dad! :) <3

    Kylie- i think sea change for us was one of the best decisions we ever made, we just seem to be happier as a family and we love it.

    Katy, thanks. and yes its so hard to put in words im meeting so many people that are on this same path and im also realising there are a lot that arent, so i want to put it out there and attract those that are into my life more. :)

    Kelly, :) I LOVE that book title. Anyway you can "reserve" that for now until you are ready to work with it :)
    Yeah the island dream in a nice one, maybe we start our own island eco village :) have you heard of them? there is one in tassie that i know of. :)
    And whats a blog roll? as you can see im im blog savvy so i just write and press publish. LOL

  9. Thank you for this post, so many things in this related to me at the present. SO INSPIRING!

    I am decluttering from the online world too (inspired by Sunny Mummy) but this just makes it all clearer to me as to why to take this step in life NOW. Can't wait to go on this journey too.

    Banika :)

  10. Great post - can I ask why you got rid of the bath toys?

  11. hi julie. please read my post Throwing the baby out with the bath toys and you will see why. :)

    Great work Banika!! Less is more that is for sure! :) x

  12. Great post Lana. I know how you feel. Unfortunately I've lost too many relatives to cancer (my mum included), I got the wake up call, but then fell back into my 'life' until I had the 'meltdown', now, here I am, living again.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Just beautiful
    des x

  13. thank you des, you my dear are a gorgeous special person. xx

  14. I have definately found myself living in the future so many times throughout my life and I still do it often but a wise friend once told me we just have to STOP and live the current moment in life as tomorrow will be there but today will pass so quickly. So every time I find myself focused so much on the future I think of my friend and I make sure I stop and enjoy what we have and live for now til tomorrow calls again. You are one amazing and inspiring person and for the short time I have known you, the impact you have had just on my life is incredible so imagine how many more lives you have already touched and made a difference. I feel guilty about my bath toys every time I bath the kids now LOL and I will replace them when I have replacements and I try to make wiser food choices for my children and just the knowledge you have exposed to me about certain products really makes me think and motivate me to live differently.

  15. Awesome post. I have had the exact same thoughts lately and finally started my own blog last night as my own little creative outlet and to journal my own journey as I become a happier, healthier and more motivated person. I've only got one post & don't care if anyone reads it or not, but feel like this is good way to share my tips & help someone else who might be feeling this way. Keep up the awesome work!

  16. Just follow that link I put in there and you will see what a blog roll is. Just a link to your blog on my blog but mine has a twist.

  17. Well,now i just want to put nice posts on your Facebook page,i'd hate it to end up all about business as well.

  18. hi paulgandshell. im not sure i get what you mean? can you explain? thanks