Saturday, November 6, 2010

oh the days go by.....

Thats right, the days are rolling into one, up early, lots of working, lots of living.. I have been in land of the living and spending time with my two favourite girls.. while they have been sleeping I have been working on a project that seems to have been handed to me by the gods... whatever gods you follow..:) Its very much a little lana orientated and details will be released soon.
Personally my dear husband is off to Can Cun ~Mexico for a "conference" (cough, splutter "yeah right") Supposedly he has to fly ALL the way there. Work for TWO hours a day (how terrible) then hang out on the beach, drink and relax the other 22 hrs.. Poor thing.. Then fly ALL the way home..
No, not bitter at all, ill stay home, wake to calling at 6.00am, feed, entertain and clean them all day. finish the shift at 8.30 and the maybe feed myself and have a wine.. for ten days straight.. YEY. So "happy the next ten days to you"... send your thoughts to me.. i feel a cold coming on of course... right on time..

xx live. laugh, love... drink wine.. LOL

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