Thursday, January 27, 2011


HeLLO people!

The universe has spoken and I am upgrading my blogger blogady blog. I would love you to come and join me over HERE

ITS SOOOOOOO much more meeeee...


Monday, January 24, 2011

WASSSSS UPPPPPP. Happy late new Year.

SOOOOOOOOOO its been a while between drinks huh... what has been happening with you?

Me?> Well.. I found my purpose. I found my passion and I found myself. Not anything too special lol. Its been awesome and I have had highs, lows, and revelations a plenty. I have put it out there in the universe now. I want to spread a message of health and wellness for mind body and soul and any one who will listen will hear about it. The universe listened and the paths have been laid out before me... I am now on the journey to become a holistic health coach with a leading nutrition school in the USA and I am biting at the bit to get into it all. I will post more in the future if any of you are interested in this amazing movement of individuals.

I have been lucky enough to connect with some of the most amazing people out there. They are inspiring, amazing and have pushed me to realise what I have and what I have to give and how I want to give it. Shout out to Jess from the Wellness Warrior. Blog about her will come FOR SURE.

My two passions, The Intolerant Toddler and The Green Mo Co are still in their infancy but I have many a plans for the two as well as starting a preview holistic health coach blog to follow my journey to become a leading Australian health and wellness coach. I will put it out there and make it known to you and the universe and now I am responsible for making it happen. :) I have learnt and am learning so much every day and if I can make a difference in someone else's life then that is all I want to happen.

I am dabbling, somewhat obsessively with Raw food, the Vegan movement, Animal Rights and alternative cancer healing methods and such, although I am far from being able to call my self one or part of any of the others. I am currently a "jack of all trades, master of none.." LOL I now stock a banquet of beans and seeds in the cupboard, explain agave syrup and maca powder to anyone that is interested and have literally been stopped on the street by someone wondering what my green slime drink is and why I am drinking it. On another note I also spent a day with my two girls handing out random notes of kindness to people on the street. It was an exhilarating, and moving experience to watch that person, that was just doing a normal daily errand to be handed a small note that hit home and made them cry. It made me realise how disconnected from each other that we are and how much we need to talk to each other, share with each other and live like we belong together... it taught me to smile more, ask more questions and to care more about who I interacted with and spoke to throughout a normal day. I now know that the lady that I buy flowers off was just diagnosed with a tumour in her ovary the size of a large orange and that she is off for a holiday before all her treatment starts... That one extra question that I asked instead of the usual "hello" and "thanks" made her talk to me and share something that was on her mind... This in turn led her to tell her story and then I could then tell her that I am very much researching and into food therapy and Gerson therapy from Mexico that is very successful in healing cancers and dis-ease even in an advanced stage... Who knows where this will go in the future, but I know that its is what I am meant for. I also know that she was deperate to tell someone how scared and alone she felt.

I also have been able to look inside myself, be confronted with people that have challenged my beliefs in myself as well as in them and it has made me realise how incredibly lucky and amazing my life and my family are and how I am so lucky that I have woken from my previous life and I am living in every moment and present in everything that I do.

My mantra the last few days after an "awakening moment" made me look towards feel good superstar Louise L. Hay and I have been able to learn and move past this moment using this quote that I want to share..

" I forgive you for not being who I wanted you to be. I forgive you and I set you free"

(Forgiveness means here, giving up, letting go. It has nothing to do with condoning behaviour. It is just letting the whole thing go.) I think thats something that we need to do with more people and allow them to be themselves and just let go... thanks louise.

I do realise that I have now turned this quick post into a very random collection of thoughts from the last few months but that's how I roll. LOL

I feel so blessed by the universe that I am becoming more connected to myself and my well being and I am learning that the only thing that we can control the ONLY thing, is ourselves and our thoughts. No one outside of us are in control of these things.. I wake up and the first thing I do OUT LOUD is say "I have a great life, I have a wonderful family and today is going to be an amazing day. Be present and be alive. Live, laugh and love." Now... of course, I dont always FEEL this way but guess what.. my days are happier, more present and more amazing as they go by so what does that mean... Law of attraction at work here? hmmmmm.

So I will leave you with a quick piccie of me and a FAV chickie of mine Lola Berry, an inspiring, awesome health and food warrior who is making her mark in Aussie land on TV radio and print. Now I hear she is working with Coles and that makes me all happy inside. She told me to live my passion... and honey, thats what I am going to do!!

Live. Laugh.Love