Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Green MO

SO here is the link to my green MO and its first post. Oh i am so tired. I have so much information to write and blog about but not enough time in the day. Oh well.
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Green Mo Co.

SO whats a GREEN MO you ask? It is this.

A green moustache.

The type that is left on the top of my baby girls lips as they sip away at some fruit and veggie smoothies packed with super duper green nutrients from the green veggies like spinach and cucumber that was whizzed to a liquid and served in a glass.

Its a concept. Drink Your Greens.

My two year old isn't going to sit down and eat a whole bowl of salad full of spinach, watercress and lettuce. Firstly, she doesn't have the ability to chew it to the point it needs to to release the nutrients it contains, secon
dly, she is two she cant sit still for one minute let alone the 20 or so she would need to eat it all. Thirdly, she doesn't like it, she doesn't want it. Sure she might pick up a leaf here and there and eat it but not enough to do the job I need it to. BUT she had it all today. it tasted like a banana & pear smoothie and was finished and the glass was licked clean. Did your child have all the "leafy greens" that everyone suggests they should be having? Did they eat all their veggies? Did you grate zucchini into your spaghetti sauce and then cook all the nutrients out of it?Were you deceptively delicious??

Its a symbol of raw food & the power it has to heal and protect the body.

Like I said in my wellness warrior post. I am bursting my own bubble. So what does that mean? Literally, I s
tarted searching for things that I would do AS IF I had cancer. Sounds morbid I know. But what I found was amazing. There is a whole movement of people that have rejected conventional medicine and have kept themselves alive. Given a time frame and have laughed in its face. Not just a couple of them... A whole world of them! What did they do?... A lot went to a raw food diet. A lot cut out meat and dairy and all the foods that many believe we SHOULD NOT BE EATING. I will let you know in time and as I learn. But they changed their life so drastically because that IS WHAT MADE THEM SICK. They also rejected a lot of conventional medicine. What we are doing today is what they WERE doing. So I am going to do it now. I want to do what they are doing. I am not going to wait for the push into it when a doctor tells me I'm dying. Why should I?

It is a revolution. It is a normal person like you taking control & choosing their life & their families life.

t will start with an image. Then a blog. Then who knows... In the coming weeks I will set up a new blog for this venture where I will show you in words, pictures and videos how to incorporate green smoothie goodness into your kids lives, and your own. As well as smoothies, we will look at raw foods, soups, and super foods that we hear about but don't know what to do with. I will find it and do it and show you it. Up to you what you then do with it? I completely and utterly disagree with the diet that children have at the moment. There is not one thing in a food court or in a restaurant kids menu that I want my kids to have. Nuggets, Pizza, Battered Fish, Sausages...all with chips? No thank you. Lets get educated, lets educate our kids.

Its my version of McDonald's arches. I want my kids to be addicted to THIS!

McDonald's is not food. Just by the way.

So I will be
separating The Green Mo Co. and this blog due to my possible need to post on the strange UFO sightings that have been seen lately, which relates just to me and not to the Nazi food side of me. HEHEHE

Grow a Green Mo

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Green Revolution

There is a green revolution in the world and I want to share it with everyone. Details will come. Green is good. Even though it was the one colour I hated as a child. It is all that I think about at the moment.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Secret Garden

In my quest for health we are moving towards growing as much food ourselves as possible. I read a disturbing article today that detailed how investigations have been done in the USA into what is being sold in the local farmers markets. Surprisingly (or maybe not as it is the states) not all the food are actually being grown on the "farms" that the sellers are claiming. Some investigative journalism was done and some "farmers" stopped off at the wholesale veggie supply company before parking their wares at the local farmers market to flog off the commercial product as home grown. Some suprise visits to farms showed empty dry plots that claimed that the brocolli that you bought yesterday was grown there. As well as that, tests were done on produce that was sold as "pesticide free" and unfortunately this was not the case. NOW, in no way am I suggesting that this is happening at your farmers market here in Australia, BUT when did you last do a check on where the farms are that you are buying from and have you ever asked them what type of weed and pest control measures they use? Because I haven't as I trust pretty much everyone right away until something tweaks me in the other direction. If you know of the farm and their farming methods then WELL DONE because I haven't gotten that far yet but intend to do so. I do know that our berry picking farm that we go to has previously used chemical sprays as the owner was very defensive and non committal in his responses and could only say that they haven't been sprayed in a "while" as I watch my two year old pick her 100th juicy berry of the plant and pop it straight into her mouth... hmmmmm

So anyway! Now we have moved to attempting to grow our veggies at home. We currently have starting to grow Tomato, Lettuce, Carrot, Broccoli, Capsicum, Cucumber & Strawberries as well as herbs like parsley,basil and mint. You have all been privy to my delightful garden bed previously. It is looking a bit better now. I'm not not sure if the shoots are the veggies or the regeneration of weeds so will leave them there until I can tell! As well as that we have some potted veggies and hanging strawberries on the deck. This is great if you are renting as you dont need much space or any land.

ALSO, I have scored a plot at the community garden in the town next to us. It is a magical place and I want each of you to do a little search for your closest Community Garden. Who knows what you will find. To me it reminds me of the book The Secret Garden. One of my favourite. and now at 28 I finally found it. Its sitting on the side of a road in all its glory and I have never seen it before. It has a wrought iron mermaid guarding it and I have been given the security pin to grab the keys and go into this heaven whenever I want. Completely enclosed it houses about 50 assorted veggie plots seperated by large stones and over flowing with the most divine veggies I have ever seen. Rhubarb is bursting out of the ground and huge heads of cauliflower and broccoli are everywhere. My two kids and I spent almost 2 hours walking around the garden checking out what everyone was growing. Daughter number 1 ran around calling out to me all the veggies she could find while eyeing off the scarecrow that had a stuffed puppy dog as a head, yes it freaked me out a bit too. Hidden at the back of the garden is a children's sand pit made with old fallen trees and there are tables and chairs made from recycled materials for you to sit and enjoy the sun. Childrens toys and mini cars are there to use so Daughter 1 drove around pretending to "shop for food".The chicken clucks away in his house right next to you and a big classroom sits there for you to use as well. Daughter number 1 really felt like dirtgirl when we found the worm farms with worm juice available at our leisure. Yummy. LOL

Our plot is full of some gorgeous broad bean plants at the moment so we can only plan what we want to put in there but it is just a fantastic idea and I urge all of you to investigate where your closest garden is and whether you can just visit or get a plot and join other like minded families and teach your kids new skills and new ideas along the way. Not only is it fun for the family. You get the reward of learning new things, being outside and soaking up some Vit D and your food is chemical and pesticide free and lovingly cared for by you. What more can you ask for.

Live. Laugh.Love. xx